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Seekers of Knowledge Inc.Testimonials

Some of the many Seekers of Knowledge Testimonials  from parents, guardians,  and or care takers.


Shallen in organization for  6 years

Seekers of Knowledge has been so many things to my daughter through the many activities, Girl Time, Summer Arts Series, Spelling Bees,Etiquette Tea Party, Dance Competitions, Father/Daughter Extravanganza & many more community events, just to name a few. Her confidence to speak, perform, and to mentor others are a direct result from being a active member of Seekers of Knowledge. She has built long lasting friendships with other girls, staff & Ms. Cynthia. She has blossomed in to a lovely young lady. She participated in a Bullying Campaign with the organization and is now a very verbal advocate to "No More Bullying" She was cast in the Debbie Allen ( famous actor, dancer,  choreographer, and producer) Play," Brothers of the Knight" as a result of her training with the Seekers of Knowledge Arts Organization.

I also want to thank Ms. Cynthia for continuing the vision of her Mom. She works tirelessly for our girls as many  in our community recognize  Seekers of Knowledge as an excpetional Arts Program. She has served hundreds of young girls and made a tremendous impact in their lives. I serve on the Board of Directors for Seekers of Knowledge and will continue to  be a avid supporter and advocate. My family has been a part of the Seeker Family for  6 years and I do mean family.


                 Tawana and Erick James



Kalsie  in organization for 7 years plus

Kalsie have been a Seeker for over 7 years and enjoys every moment of her time spend with friends and MS Cynthia. The king family would like to say thank you to the Seekers of Knowledge and Ms. Cynthia  for all of her support that she has given to Kalsie over these Years. Your program has help her to be more positive , to be a leader  and to know that the sky is the limit . She has benefited from the etiquette classes that taught her how to present herself at the dinner table. She gained allot of dance moves and coordinate from the dance program that helped to build her confidents and self-esteem. She has blossomed in her speeches in class and in front of an audience because of the spoken words and speeches that she has given during her time in camp. Her dream is to be a teacher and the seeker of know ledge program has helped her to develop her skills for caring for younger kids. Your expert advice and help in preparing her for dance events has made her a much more assertive child. We appreciate everything that you have done and the time that you have taken to invest in Kalsie’s future. We are so lucky to have you and the seeker of knowledge program.

Kwesi and Carlotta King

Hyde Park, Mass


Dakeyla in organization 7 years plus

Seekers of Knowledge has truly been an influencial program for my daughter Dakeyla Johnson since she started back in 2005-present.  This program has shown my daughter etiquette, growth and stage qualities that have opened doors for her educationally and through the arts with Boston Ballet and Urban Nutcracker.  Seekers of Knowledge allowed my daughter to develop sister qualities with other members of this organization.  Over the years, Ms. Cynthia Gaines and her staff has truly enhanced the program by entering and traveling for dance competitions, family time events, spelling bees and life skills of becoming a young lady.  As an active parent in this organization and a former board member I truly believe in SOK's vision and mission and will truly support all efforts of making another young lady grow as my daughter has grown through the years.

Lakenya Johnson



Teneiya  in organization 7 plus years Thai 3 plus years

I havie been fortunate enough to have two daughters that have participated in the Seekers of Knowledge program.  Both of them love the program.  The program helped my older daughter build life long friendships.   She also explored her love for dance.  My youngest seeker has benefited from an all girl environment since she plays predominantly with boys.  Seekers of Knowledge have helped her to learn how to work with her female peers.  Both of my girls have enjoyed performing through dance, poetry, rap, cheerleading and gymnastics with Seekers of Knowledge.  Both girls have participated in several enrichment programs such as the Father & Daughter dance, etiquette lessons, and safety lessons.  I highly recommend Seekers of Knowledge program for girls. 

Nikeiya Davis

Boston, Mass



Mikayla in organization for  5 years

My daughter was involved with the Seeker program for 4/5 years and I truly believe this program helped her into becoming more independent and mature.  My daughter always had that drive and has always been very outspoken and I think Seekers showed her to be a young lady and to portray herself in a positive light.  I especially believe the implementation of the junior mentor program was key for some of these girls because they were able to work with the younger seekers and be positive role models for them which in turn held them accountable for some of there own actions.  My daughter learned alot through that experience.  I can also say working with Seekers allowed me to be more involved with my child's development.  I wanted to be an active parent in the program because I believe in its mission and the many things I knew it could accomplish.  I myself served on the board for 2 years and can definitely see the progression Seekers have accomplished.  I continue to wish Seekers and Ms. Cynthia Gaines nothing but prosperity!

Dawnesha Batts

Randolph Mass


Carneisha  in organization for  5 years

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. My daughter has a lot of confidence in herself , I would say to anyone intersted in this organization that it is good for girls. The organization helps them have confidence in themselves and builds their self esteem and encourages them so that they can put their minds to do anything they want to do in life. Seekers of Knowledge is like family.

Carol Davis

Boston, Mass


Aaliyah in organization  for 4 years

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Seekers of Knowledge increased my daughters confidence, I LOVE SEEKERS OF KNOWLEDGE. My daughters enjoy it!!

Loleeta Smalls

Boston, Mass

 Maliyah In organization for 3 years
My daughter Maliyah has been part of the Seekers family for now three years and Seekers has helped her in becoming more self confident in herself.  When my daughter states that she looks forward to going to Seekers, this says allot. When I think of Seekers of Knowledge, I think Empower:
E: Eager to have fun and learn from one another.
M: Make new friends and sustain these relationships.
P: Push the girls to become more self confident in themselves.
O: Open to new ideas from the girls and driven by the girls.
W: Willing to have parent participation.
E: Excited to perform and show their talents.
R: Respect for one another.
Melinda Stewart
Boston, Mass

Sierra  in organization 3 1/2 years
My daughter Sierra joined Seekers of Knowledge in the summer of 2008.  I signed her up for what I thought was just another summer camp.  I needed a camp to send her too and Seekers was perfect, an all girls camp that was priced in my budget.  What I didn't know at the time was this became the basis of her discovering her talents and becoming a better person.  While attending Seekers she was taught how a young lady should carry herself and that her potential was limitless.  Not only was she taught life lessons but she also discovered her love for dancing.  Her first summer she was timid and shy, not really willing to step out in the front of a crowd.  By the end of that summer she couldn't wait to show everyone her talents and wanted all eyes on her.  She loved Seekers so much she began going all year round.  By her third year in Seekers she began mentoring younger girls new to Seekers.  Seekers not only had a positive affect on my daughter but also left an impression on myself.  I was fortunate to be awarded "Father of the Year" for my involvement with Seekers.  This was a humbling award.  As a father I thought I was just doing my job but it was a blessing to be acknowledged for my involvement.  Seekers appreciates parent involvement and the young ladies in the program love performing for their families.
 My daughter is now a freshman in high school and attends Boston Arts Academy.  The only school for the arts in the city of Boston.  To get into this high school she had to audition in dance for a spot in the school with hundreds of other applicants.  I know that her time at Seekers was a contributing factor in being accepted to this school.  I am truly grateful to Seekers of Knowledge and Cynthia Gaines for putting her on the right path to a successful future.
Carl Payne Jr.
Boston, Mass


 Nashari  in organization  for 3 years

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Shari always talks to her classmates about Seekers, her 1st grade teacher called home and told me that Shari had the whole 1st grade class doing the Dougie..... She asked Shari where did she learn it from, she told her teacher Seekers. Her teacher said what ever program she is in it is helping her to be a well rounded young lady. If I had to recommend any young lady to this organization, I would tell them that there daughter would be forever changed if they're in a shell they'll come out of it in this organization. Seekers of Knowledge has helped my daughter to open up and not be afraid to try new things.

Tacquice Scott

Boston, Mass

Jenae & Cayla

 Jenae & Cayla  in organization  for 3 years

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Seekers of Knowledge has definitely built my daughters confidence and they are no longer shy. They are very outspoken. I would tell anyone interested in this organization that it is the safest and most nuturing organization for young girls. It builds their confidence and gives a very positive message to young girls.

Lucia Auguste

Boston, Mass


 Nichele in organization for 2 years

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. My daughter Nichele was a little shy and I noticed that the more performances she take part in with Seekers of Knowledge the more motivated  she becomes. I think Seekers of Knowledge is a great enrichment organization.l recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again

Cherel Lockhart-Laronde

Boston, Mass


Jala in 2011 Summer Arts Series

My daughter Jala was very shy and timid when she came to seekers.  Her father and I tend to be really overprotective and weary of where we will send her to camp. She is an only child and sometimes has a hard time opening up to new things.  When we visited Seekers before she started we were so impressed with all that it had to offer.  Jala loved Seekers from the very first day! By the end of camp she grew more confident, she learned how to dance in a new way, she created new bonds and she got rid of many fears.  Seekers helped my child find her inner strength on so many levels and I thank them for that!

Alicia Settles

Boston, Mass


Gabreila in organization for 2 years

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. My Gabriela used to be afraid to sing, speak, or dance in front of crowds, now she does it with a smile on her face. I would recommend families to Seekers because it helps girls to develop. The organization teaches the girls how to develop friendships, confidence, and ettiquette.

Keely Clark-Mills

Boston, Mass


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