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Identifying the Power Within our Young Ladies of the Future


The mission of Seekers of Knowledge is to support the development of at-risk girls ages 6-18 through the art of creative expression, academic support, and social/emotional development.  We instill in each "Seeker" the importance of encouragement, understanding, team-building, respect, discipline, and community service.

History The late Shirley Gaines established Seekers of Knowledge in Whiteville North Carolina in 1995.  In 1998 the torch was passed  on to Mrs. Gaines' daughter Cynthia Gaines who later decided to bring the program to Boston Massachusetts; with the expansion of the participants and the programs growth, Seekers of Knowledge went from a program to a full non- profit organization operating four successful programs. Located in the Roxbury  section of Boston, Seekers of Knowledge  have served over 950 girls from the Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, Hype Park, and Roslindale  communities .

As members go through the programs, they are taught how to deal with issues relevant to body image, bullying, racism, and the importance of eating healthy.  These girls not only learn the art of creative expression, but they also participate in weekly peer groups centered on social and personal development, self esteem, and health/hygiene.  There is also a strong  community service component to the Seekers of Knowledge organization as we help young women engage in "giving back" through performance and mentoring.


    Seekers of Knowledge has developed into 3 main areas:

    1. Developing and empowering young ladies through the art of creative expression.
    2. Providing a safe environment for young ladies to grow socially, emotionally, and academically.
    3. Creating and performing unique, educational, and empowering productions.

            Seekers of Knowledge provides:

      • Professional training in dance including; Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary,African, and Stepping techniques.
      • Artistic knowledge and expression through serveral avenues such as Journal Writing, public speaking, theatre, and arts & craft.
      • Performance opportunities for young  girls  to educate, entertain, and uplift the Boston community.
      • Knowledge in current issues facing young ladies from their communities through community service and education.
      • Academic support and social responsibility.
      • Cultural awarness through exchanges with national and international organizations.


      Office Hours

      10am - 6pm

      Monday -Saturday

      Please leave us a message at any time and we will return your call.

      Program Coordinator

      Latifah Smalls


      Executive Director


      Cynthia Gaines


      Founder, Cynthia Gaines

      Cynthia Gaines


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      Our Partners

      The ongoing work of Seekers of Knowledge Inc. could not be accomplished without its many sponsors and partners. 

      We thank you all!

      Our friends and supporters:

      Gap Dedham, Greenwood Memorial Church, Codman Square Health Center, The Boston Society of Vulcans, The Roxbury Community Service Center, Holland Community Center, Cleveland Community Center, Action for Community Development, Urban Dreams, Strong Women, Strong Girls, BNN Cable Access, Health Works Fitness Center, Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center.Perkins Community Center, Big Sister of Greater Boston, Girls Scouts Leahy Holloran Community Center, Boston Centers for Youth and Families, F.A.M.I.L.Y Movement Inc.