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                       Executive Board Members

         Cynthia Gaines       Executive Director/CEO

Cynthia Gaines is the Founder of Seekers of Knowledge, Inc. (“SOK”). She serves as the Executive Director of the Board of Directors. Currently unemployed, Cynthia devotes the majority of her time running the  operations of the organization.  Her duties include, but are not limited to: creating yearly budget and brochures, creating the yearly calendar, training of staff, monthly news letters, website design, networking and establishing collaborative efforts amongst community organizations, coordinating all of Seekers of Knowledge events and activities, and making the daily management decisions entrusted by the Board of Directors.

Tawana James  President

Tawana James, is a Medical Billing Consultant .  Tawana serves as the President on the Seekers of Knowledge Board.  She has had a diverse career in Social Services, Casa Myrna Vazquez. Project IMPACT and Volunteers of America. She has worked with teenage girls and this is her passion. She is married and has a daughter that has been an active member of SOK for 6 years.

      Vice President

Felicia Okonkwo-Felicia Okonkwo currently work with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an Accountant and before that was a Review Officer and Branch Manager for the Registry of Motor Vehicles where her focus was dealing  with criminal and civil cases surrounding licenses and motor vehicle as well as managing staff and working with the public. She was a former member of a great organization called United Sisters of Color (USOC). She is a co-organizer for Boston Naturals, which is one of the largest hair communities in New England. Felicia has also worked with Big Sisters of Greater Boston and Mother Caroline Academy as a mentor.

Wearing many hats, Felicia is a daughter, sister, mentor, friend and helper. She currently own a start up business  with her sisters and brother, called SistAct3, a catering company. Her motto in life is "LIVE and LOVE" Service to others is very important, treating and taking care of each other is the higest form of God's LOVE.

Loleeta Barnes                    Treasurer

 Loleeta Barnes- Smalls, serves as the Treasurer on the Seekers of Knowledge Board.  Loleeta is a licensed child care provider servicing children in the Boston and surrounding area for 17 years. She currently hold an  degree in Business. She is the mother of three and have two girls who has been very involved in the Seekers of Knowledge organization for 6 years.


Natasha Richards is a Program Coordinator at the Boston Children’s Hospital, where she has worked closely with patients and families for over 15 years in various roles throughout her career.   She has one daughter, who has been part of the Seeker’s family since the summer of 2015 and is excited about her continued growth as not only a young dancer but a young, respectable African American woman with the love and support of the Seekers of Knowledge family.  Natasha is looking forward to supporting the SOK mission and its growth.

Lucia Auguiste  Trustee to Treasurer
Lucia Auguiste is a Registered Nurse and work as a Manager of the Palliative and Hospice of the South Shore program. She has been a nurse for 19 years and has been an advocate for hospice and end-of-life care for 11 out of the 19 years of her career as a nurse. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is currently in a Masters program. Lucia serves as the Trustee to the Treasurer on the Seekers of Knowledge Board.She has a daughter who has been an active member in the Seekers of Knowledge organization for 5 years. Lucia is also the nurse consultant for the  Seekers of Knowledge organization.

Martha Williams Marketing Director

Martha Williams is a Supervisor for the visitation program at Roxbury Children Services. Martha serves as the Marketing Director for Seekers of Knowledge Inc.Martha's duties at Roxury Childrens Services include serving referrals from the Probate Family Court and DCF Offices in the Greater Boston areas. Martha has worked at Roxbury Childrens Services for over 18 years and is also a 5 year Certified Childcare Provider.Martha is excited to share her skills working with children and families with the Seekers of Knowledge organization.


           Marketing Assistant

Rhashida Adams- Rashida Adams is a mother of three sons, a daughter, sister, aunt, and friend to many. She is the Marketing Assistant of the board. Her focus after high school was Criminal Justice; She worked serveral years in secure treatment. While wokring in secure treatment, she had the opportunity to interact with youn young men and thier families who were labeled "at risk".

She is a former member of a United Sisters of Color as well as Boston Naturals. These two organizations helped jump start Rhashidas journey to community support. She is a lifetime member of the community, she has worked as well as raise children in our communities which has given her the first hand experience and has been the driving force behind her commitment to the community. She belives in the Seekers of Knowledge mission and are glad to be apart of the Seeker family.

Cherel Lockhart  Parent Committee Director

Cherel Lockhart- LaRonde, is a Practice Team Leader at Tufts Medical Center in Boston for the past 11 years. Cherel serves as the Parent Committee Director on the Seekers of Knowledge Board. She is a mother of 2 and her daughter has been a member in the Seekers of Knowledge organization for 4 years. Cherel loves working with people and hope this year will bring bigger and better opportunities for Seekers of Knowledge Inc.

       Parent Committee Coordinator 

 Kenya Stephenson-Kenya Stephenson is a Pharmacy Network Manager for a Health insurance Company in Boston. Although her daughter is currenly no longer a participant in the organization, she choose to committ to the organization and joined the board as the Parent Committee Coordinator. 

Seekers of Knowledge Choreographers Staff/Mentors & Volunteers

Yarmisha Cofield  Step Coach & Choreographer


Yarmisha Cofield a College student majoring in Elementary/Special Education.Yarmisha is a 22 year old with bright future plans.Her goal is to become a first grade teacher and to open up her own community center for the arts.Yarmisha realized she wanted to become a teacher at a young age so that she can give back to children while helping them achieve positive goals in life.She loves stepping because it helps her express who she is.She has been head coach for three different step teams in and out of Mass.Yarmisha has been part of the Seekers of Knowledge Family for over 5 years. Her leadership roles as a supervisor and step coach has helped her prepare for her own future goals.

  Oliver Burns - Choreographer

Oliver Burns from Boston MA. is a graduate from Regis College with B.S. in Communication and Business Management. Out of 16 years of dancing Oliver has been Choreographing for 5 years. Although he performs many styles from Contemporary to Latin his main focus is Hip Hop. Oliver and his group Trend N Motion, puts together a Spring Tour every year where they can be seen performing at various Fundraisers, Fashion Shows, and College events throughout New England. When he is not dancing, Oliver is building an entertainment company, Trend Stream; an audio visual event services company that provides all the necessary components to make any event successful.

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